Friday, 16 March 2012

PCS the fighting Union shows the Way

Ballot Results came out today for Public and Commercial Service;s Union which gave a massive thumbs down to the pension robbery.  In this consultation ballot that represents the vast Majority of staff a massive 90.5% voted to reject the pensions theft and 72.1% voted to continue strike action.  This demonstrate a steely determination to continue the fight and its our belief this will soon make the other small number of unions that have caved in look out of touch.

This result simply demonstrates the feeble cave in of certain TUC leaders who are more keen to keep new Labour happy than organise and fight back.  As New Labour have already publicly announced they support many of the cuts, and most likely wont reverse the ones this current government are imposing, without any clear democratic mandate, the case some have given to baton down the hatches until a labour victory looks even more ridiculous.

Rotherham against the Cuts welcomes this fight back by PCS and like minded Unions, and will be there supporting you on the 28th and beyond.  We urge all trade unions to raise up and join the fight and all members of the public to stand with PCS and other unions. This fight is more than just defending pensions this is a fight for all workers to have the right to a decent pension.  Like the fight to save the NHS this is also about the future for our kids and grand-kids lets not let them down! .

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: "Civil and public servants can see that this government simply wants to make them pay for the mistakes of bankers and politicians, and have rejected by a massive margin this attack on their pensions.

Fraternally Yours

Rotherham against the Cuts

Thumbs down to pensions robbery  

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