Saturday, 3 March 2012

Boots Thug employ jackboot tactics against workfare protest

Today there was a small peaceful protest outside MacDonald's and Boots In Rotherham the Security guard in Boots threatened several activists with violence he was heard to say I will sort you out if I see you out of work.  He also made racist comments about immigrants.  We are looking at staging a larger protest in the near future to make our point given that this guard was in his early to mid 20,s and one person he threatened was over 60 this gives us an idea of the mentality of some who support this disgusting policy of workfare.

This cheap10 bob little street thug who works for boots will have many of all races going in and out of this Store In Rotherham one only thinks of horror what his manner could be like to others of other races. If the only answer they have to a legitimate protest is by Making threats of violence and racist rants it just highlights how weak any counter argument can be if that's all they have. 

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