Minutes and Reports

22/11/11 Minutes

1. Welcome, Introductions, Apologies.

Chairs Opening Remarks Minutes agreed, No Matters Arising

Apologies Neil Adshead(SP);Mick Duggan(Retired Unison);Ralph Dyson(NUT);Phil Turner(NUJ/SWP);Alan Dow(Unison/SWP);Brian Todd(SWP)

Attendee’s Martin Hickman(PCS/SWP); Jill Adams(NUT/SWP); Mark Stocks(Unison/SP);Chris Bingham(SP);Ben Delagara(Community);Dave Platts(SA);Tom Donaldson(UCU);Andy Grey(SP);Ken & Jane(Community)

2. Minutes Matters arising.

Chair welcome everyone and stated we may have a speaker later.

3. Secretary’s Report.

It was reported there was a large picket at the bus strike dispute in Rawmarsh and will look at sending messages of support and Solidarity. The Rac letter was well received by the Sheffield occupation. 4. Treasures Report It was a continuing problem to set up a account for RAC Most banks done seem interested and there was a fear the checks would run out of time. Treasurer stated we may need to ask the donators to re issue the checks. It was requested the treasurer draft out a letter asking for this.

5. Trades council Report.

None Submitted

6. Stall.

It was noted it was useful to work with the local unions on the stall but it was commented they may need some advise or help as it was noticeable they lacked a bit of experience in leafleting the public but the positive was that we can all work together on this. It was also suggested that after the 30th we should look at getting into more communities rather than just the town centre.

7. Community, Union reports

It was noted more in the community were becoming aware of the issues

8. November 30th.

There followed a lengthy Discussion on how to take the day forward in Rotherham it was generally agreed it was a positive step in the right direction now the other three unions are on board with the action. There however was some confusion as to why some were still trying to move the times for the South Yorkshire one in Sheffield.

9. Future and proposed Action

It was agreed to organise a public meeting following the Strike day one date initially proposed was the 7th December. There was some concern this was to early as we need more time to build it. The other case was we need to strike while the iron is hot.

10. AOB.

There was a comment that we should organise another March in Rotherham later around the broader issues of the cuts.

08/11/11 Minutes

Apologies: Jill Adams, Martin Hickman, Linzi Haynes, Phil Turner.
Present: Chris Bingham, Tom Donaldson, Mick Duggan, Neil Adshead, Ken Dolan, Jane Dolan, ***

Treasurer Report:
RAC has been having trouble getting a bank account; after trying Co-op and local Credit Unions it is becoming crucial to find some way of cashing cheques that have been given to RAC from PCS, NUT and Unison. Also, RAC has received cash donations which need depositing.

It was agreed unanimously that Tom Donaldson - in his capacity as RAC Treasurer - would creat a bank account under his own name and cash the cheques in order that the donations are not lost. Also the cash donations will be deposited.

November 30th:
 - Report back from the Unison organised meeting on the 2nd November at the Unity Centre.
Route and plans for Rally were agreed, two days of action (12th + 19th November) agreed, and weekly meetings of the forum to take place at same time and place.

 - Tom Donaldson (present at 2nd Nov meeting) has made contact with the authorities concerning stalls for 'Action Saturdays' (12th + 19th Nov)  in order to promote Nov 30th. Has been offered a site for each date, however the locations will not be in the same locations: on the 12th it will be near All Saints' Square and on the 19th it will be outside the Market entrance.

 - It was suggested that RAC should do stalls near the union stalls on the 'action saturdays' in order to engage with non-unionised and unemployed members of the community and encourage them to attend the march and rally.

 - Chris Bingham, Tom Donaldson, Ken Dolan, Neil Adshead will attend next Unison organised meeting (9th November - Unity Centre - 6pm).

Next meeting 22nd November, Bridge Inn and 7:15pm

25/10/11 Minutes
Apologies: Phil Turner

Main discussion around the arrangements for 30th November. Ideally there will be a march and rally in Rotherham first and then everyone will go to the rally in Sheffield. Times to be confirmed. Possible route:- assemble Town Hall, round to the college, then down to Walker Place.

There was a debate around speed of activity around strike, general consensus that we need to support the unions and try and contribute to their decision making where ever possible.

Need a leaflet linking RAC and the strike and why everyone needs to get behind the strike, not just those involved. Suggested looking at the SACA leaflet. Other workplace need leafleting.

Unite Against the Resistance Rally, November 10th

Media Sub Committee 
Bing, Ben, Tom and Martin volunteered and will be meeting on 3rd November, 7.00 at The Bridge.
It was decided that the subcommittee would look at subscribing to a website.

There was a discussion around moving general RAC meeting to Wednesdays but the decision was made to keep it on Tuesdays.

There was a discussion around doing the stall weekly. We need to have other means of getting people into discussion although it was felt that more people were engaging with the stall. We also need to widen the debate and talk about other disputes such as the electricians and their fight and a vicious wage cut. It was suggested that we try the post cards idea where we ask people to jot down how they personally have been affected by the cuts and collate the evidence to use in the media. A suggestion was made about getting a white board to put on the stall on which topical slogans could be written weekly.

Building RAC
There was a proposal that we get speakers to other union meetings( ie. Other than our own) It was pointed out that the protest at St. Paul’s had visited the striking electricians and vice versa. Other potential interst groups were discussed such as the unemployed, young people, womens groups.
There was a suggestion that we leaflet outside benefits offices. TD agreed to do this. JA would get in touch with the Rotherham Parents and carers forum. MD to get touch with small traders federation

Next Meeting
Tuesday 8th November. 7.00. The Bridge.

11/10/11 Minutes
1. Welcome, Introductions, Apologies, Chairs Opening Remarks Apologies Jill Adams (NUT/SWP); Phil Turner (NUJ/SWP); Linzi (SP); Ralph Dyson (NUT); Kerry Hichens (Jarrow March) Attended Martin Hickman (PCS/SWP); Dave Platts (UCAT/Militant); Neil Adshead (SP) Will Nesbitt (Community);Ben Veleans (Community) Chris Bingham (SP), Mick Duggan (Unison/SP) Chair Opened reminding us there is a coach put on by NUT for the lobby on October 26th will get more details from Ralph.

2. Minutes Matters Arising It was reported the draft minutes were eaten by a horse that went into the secretary’s bag for an apple but there was no outstanding issues from the last meeting.

3. Secretary’s Report Despite writing to all the Union branches in the Rotherham area not a single one has responded we can only assume they think they are assume to the cuts and everything is rosier in the garden. It was note that one of our reps on a course was told by the Branch Secretary of one of the Rotherham unions that we are to radical and militant. It was generally agreed these dinosaurs are more worried about there own position then there own members.

4. Treasurers Report There has been a donation from the Joan Brown fund donated to RAC. Treasurer has finally settled on a bank the co op and will open an account
there. It was confirmed RAC has donated £60.00 for refreshments for the Jarrow Marches for the Rotherham leg.

5. Campaigns Report a) Stall Due to the weather closing in it was felt we needed an alternative to this but will try to keep it going up to the 30 to build for this. It was suggested we look around for local events like jumble sales ect to see if we can get the stall in these events. B) Manchester Rally and March It was good to see the RAC Banner out at a major protest March like the torie conference in Manchester. The usual culprits the inactive branches in Rotherham were noticeable absent but it was agreed it says a lot more about them than us. The march itself was very lively loud but peaceful. Secretary reports he was amused to see the site of several torie delegates being chased down the street by protesters and in addition there were unconfirmed reports of many pubs in the city centre banning Tories delegates. c) Jarrow March It was conformed as well as refreshments put on by RAC we will meet them in Thorpe Hesley and March into Sheffield we will have Rotherham NUT and RAC Banner on display. D) Rotherham Library It was reported when the library is knocked down Tescos have purchased the land but do not intend to build on it simple obtained it to prevent rivals building there. The committee general agreed this was disgusting and questions need to be addressed with the council. Fist is we appose yet more facilities being run down in Rotherham but even if they have to do the the land should be retained by the council and cheap affordable homes built on it was have been a better use. AP01/10 Obtain further information from the council

6. Trades Council Report Very little other than we need more union branches to affiliate and get involved Rac agreed we will try to support trades council and encourage union branches to get involved however given local union branches response so far we should not hold our breath too long. Trade council was trying to get a delegate for the Jarrow March

7. Communication and Propaganda It was agreed we need at least three new leaflets Nov 30th March and rally in Rotherham Something around the Library issue and general one for RAC AP02/10 Leaflet to be ready for next stall

8. November 30th It was agreed we need to start building now and will look to organising a march rally in Rotherham as soon as pickets have finished rather than later as last time so we can encourage a bigger presence and give e people chance to get over to Sheffield for the main one for South York’s which we are informed is due to start at 1.00pm. Secretary apologised and stated he will find it difficult to get to Rotherham one as his branch is a Sheffield branch and will be picketing over there.

9. Union and Community Reports Covered in previous agenda items but was agreed to keep trying to encourage participation from community groups

10. Future and propose action Covered in previous agenda items apart from we will look at trying to organise a social event for fund raising

11. Jarrow March Covered in Previous items

12. Direct Action It was agreed we need to look at this and see were we could as a group deliver
this type of action or support others conducting this but our main problem in the short term is numbers and commitment to actually pull this off.

13. Covered in Previous items

14. AOB There was general agreement after a short discussion that the face book site should not be used by individuals to promote there personal blogs, and we also need to look at the number of admins on there. It was felt there was to many and can give conflicting messages out. On the blog it was agreed we need more admins perhaps a couple more.

23/08/11 Minutes

1) Welcome introduction & Apologies


Martin Hickman(PCS/SWP):Tom Donaldson(UCU):Mick Duggan(Trades Council):Jill Fearn(PCS);Simon Thorne(Community);Neil Adshead(SP);Ben Vergara(Community);Ralph Dyson(NUT)


Alan Dow(Unison Health/SWP);Chris Bingham(SP);Phil Turner(NUJ/SWP)

No other apologies received

2) Minutes Matters arising and action points

Minutes agreed as correct

Action points on going No other matters arising

3) Secretary’s report

Reported receiving a reply from the local pensions committee and the reply was disappointing it was generally agreed by the committee we should contact them again and offer to come and speak to them or send them an invite but this disappointing response should be challenged. Secretary stated that the banner was as far as he knows on its way but will contact Jill again to see if it’s arrived.

4) Treasurers Report

Treasurer Reported he now has a hard copy of the constitution that he needed to open an account and was looking at other signature’s and the co op bank was a likely candidate one of the potential signature commented that it may not be a good idea in his case as he has had an issue with the co op and it may cause problems. One idea was to use another type of account like a credit union it was agreed to look into this. It was further agreed to write out to local union branches to se if they wish to affiliate.

5) Campaign Report

It was generally agreed there is a noticeable change and more people are starting to engage with us on the stall on Saturday. There followed a discussion about the type of petition and it was generally agreed we should now try to broaden it out and engage with more groups like young people and other affected groups were. It was commented there was a small number of people who have yet to help out on the stall but this may be due to personal circumstances or the time of the year. It was further commented we need an issue specific to Rotherham to focus on but we need more information from Unison Local Government. One suggestion was for a flip chart for the stall with a different theme every week to what very new and current as well as the longer ongoing issue like health, Housing, benefits ect.

There was the issue of the new housing bill raised this it seems is going almost unnoticed and is a serious issue with the potential to have a devastating effect on communities and individual it was agreed after a further discussion to put some information together about this. It was agreed a small group would put the leaflets and flyer together and there would be a short meeting after the main meeting to organise this.

6) Trades Council Report

It was reported there was nothing to report other than the next meeting is next Thursday

7) Public Meetings

It was confirmed Jerry Hicks has agreed to speak at our meeting and we just need to confirm the venue treasurer agreed to look at the venue baring in mind the cost. Secretary offered to invite a PCS speaker which was agreed but if possible to get a balance can we have a female it was commented that both Marion Lloyd and Lee Rock are both very good speakers. There was also another couple of other possibility which will be looked at. An idea put to the committee was to also hold a social after the meeting this was generally agreed by all.

8) Election of assistant Secretary

Ralph Dyson Elected

9) Union and community reports

There Followed a discussion about some of the hidden cuts in local colleges the overall studied time had be significantly cut but this is often missed and it was felt this is going to have a serious impact on exam results for next year.

A full and frank set of views was given about scabs and strike breakers. One comment was to get a list together and publish it of the most stupid excuses for
scabbing it was remarked they range from one senior manager saying he wont strike dues to the fact he will loose more money that those on the bottom to another one saying she had to have her hair done. This in comparison to some Columbian trade unions fighting just to be in a union, and who had lost family in there struggle.

10) Future and proposed

Covered in previous agenda items

11) AOB

Committee asked Secretary to confirm if PCS will let none PCS on its coach for lib/dem conference. It was also reported we now havean idea of the route for the Jarrow march coming to Barnsley and Sheffield thy plan to stay over night in Sheffield date 12th October. One member said he will e mail out the details. Another member reminded all to post out the bank of England petition all agreed this was an important one and links into all the cuts.

Next Meeting two weeks time Bridge Inn 7:15pm


09/08/11 Minutes

1. Attendees & Chairs Opening Remarks


Mark Stocks (SP); Neil Adshead (SP); Jill Adams (NUT/SWP); Phil Turner (NUJ/SWP); Ralph Dyson (NUT)


Martin Hickman (PCS/SWP/Secretary); Mick Duggan (Unison Retired/Vice Chair); Alan Dow (Unison/SWP); Linzi Hayned (SP); Chris Bingham (SP acting chair); Ben Vergara (Community); Simon Thorne (Community); Jason Hill (Unite); Tom Donaldson (UCU/Treasurer)

2. Minutes, Matters arising & action Points

Minutes agreed as correct

3. Secretary’s Report

Several letter have been issued this week to various groups in the community also letters of solidarity to NUJ and Sam Buckley of PCS in Hastings. Jill Adams is dealing with the banner and it’s on its way. In addition constitution has been completed these two action points can be closed.

4. Treasurers Report

Welcome to Tom in his first meeting as treasurer Tom stated he will be looking at joint signatures’ for the account MH handed two checks to tome from two Sheffield PCS Branches which were Sheffield DWP HQ Branch and Sheffield JCP Branch. A further donation was handed to Tom from Rotherham Unison Health Branch.

5. Campaigns Report (including Stall).

It was reported we collected over 500 signatures with the joint stall with Unison Health Branch on the NHS Petition for the last two Saturdays, and a lot of people did engages with us it was noticeable most were pensioners and disabled. There was still the problem of a lack of leaflets for RAC MH then produced one he designed and AD also produced one there was a general discussion over the two leaflets, and it was eventually agreed to use both. There was general agreement leaflet’s now should look to building for the Tory conference and also for general strike if the date is called.

6. Trades Council Report

Mick reported there was nothing to report no further trade’s council meeting not for a few weeks

7. Communication/Propaganda

There was a general discussion on organising a specific small group to work on communication and propaganda and how we put the message out to the general public. The group also agree for MH to write to the advertiser. Ben stated we have to identify and target groups and tailor literature specific for that group.

ST stated he feels people are tired of the old Left v Right and we need a new way to put the arguments. MH stated we as a group want to involve all member’s and groups from our community and we can look at how we manages this however most people are Socialists and we should not hide this however there may be a new way to communicate this.

MH further stated as our community’s comes under attack the core of this group will be naturally from the left and unions as we have the organization already in place we just need to encourage members of the public to get involved.

It was stated by Ben in communication and the message we must start off with the simple message them build to the more complex messages. MD commented this is nothing new rally it’s the age old question of how we engage our class more in politics.

ST went on to comment we must be clear on the economy and the various ways we can show the deficit for what it is in particular certain types or forms of Tax could do this.

8. Constitution

Covered in the Action points

9. Public Meetings

It was agreed to Organise a public meeting date was agree to hold it on Thursday 29th venue and speakers to be arranged it was suggested to combine this with a social to try and maximize attendance. There was also the possibility that RAC Could be invited to share the marquee at the Rotherham Show Unison Health branch is currently in talks with Unison Local government branch over this.

10. Union and Community Reports

Bing reported he has been building a relationship up with a small Youth Group who seemed interested in getting involved and has invited them to our meetings and is hoping to get them along soon.

11. Future and proposed action

Covered in other agenda items

12. Tory Conference Manchester

Rotherham Unison Health Branch Is putting a coach on and there should be other coaches depending on demand.

13. General Strike

It was generally agreed some of the bigger public sector unions are still dragging their feet and we need to keep the pressure up.

14. Leaflet’s and flyers

A sub meeting was agreed to look at literature Mick commented we should not over do the meetings

15. AOB

Next meeting 23rd August 7:30 The Bridge Inn


26/07/11 Minutes

1. Attendees & Chairs Opening Remarks


Martin Hickman (PCS/SWP): Matt Hale (Man Against the Cuts): Mark Stocks (Unison); Alan Daw (Unison Health Branch); Neil Adshead (Socialist Party) Ben Vergara(Community member);Chris Bingham (Socialist Party); Linzi Hayes: Mick Duggan(Unison)


Phil Turner, Jill Adams, Ralph Dyson

2. Minutes, Matters arising & action Points

Minutes were completed but no copies were available for the meeting all action points on-going

3. Secretary’s Report/Election of Secretary

Written to national pensioner’s convention who gave me local contact have written to them awaiting response. Reported banner has been ordered by Jill.

4. Treasurers Report

Treasure gave apologies for having to stand down due to personal circumstances there are two checks on their way from Sheffield PCS DWP Branch and Sheffield DWP HQ Branch

5. Campaigns Report.

A representative from Rotherham Unison Health Branch was present to propose a joint stall on Saturday and the next few Saturdays in light of the privatization bill on the NHS that was sneaked in through parliament. The committee unanimously agreed to this proposal. It was agreed to amend some of the leaflets to include RAC name on it

7. Trades Council Report

Next meeting not form some time but was agreed to write a letter to the TUC urging them to name the day for the general strike. It was further agreed to put this on hold until the next RAC meeting

8. Constitution

It was proposed and agreed to hold a meeting next week to finally sort the constitution out

9. Union & Community Reports

It was report that some unions are already looking to build for general strike

10 Future and proposed Action

There was a discussion on a public meeting the main issue was looking at keeping local speakers only or a getting a well-known figure in to speak

11 Tories Conferences

Rotherham is looking to put some transport on for this and it was agreed RAC should look to build for this event.

12. General Strike

Covered in Union Reports

13. Jarrow March

Although this is bye- passing Rotherham it was generally agreed to support anything Saca was putting on or anything being organised in Barnsley.

It was proposed by Ben to set up a subcommittee dedicated to literature and propaganda to make sure we get the correct message out to the general public and to support Bing on the blog for articles This was agreed and would be sorted out when the rest return in the next meeting

15. AOB

A general discussion took place about the advertiser letter but was also agreed it would be better to speak to Simon himself. MH said he would have a word and invite him to the next meeting.

Next meetings

Constitution meeting August 2nd 7:30 Bridge Inn
RAC Steering Committee Meeting 9th August 7:30 Bridge Inn


05/07/11 Minutes

1.Welcome. Intros and apologies.

Jill introduced Jane Fitzgerald – Rotherham Parents and Carers Forum.

2. Minutes.


3. Secretary.

Not present.

4. Treasurer.

Nothing received only expenses. Not set up bank account yet.

5. Campaigns.

Jill- Sheffield fantastic. 2K people there. Rotherham good. Ralph- too short a time between Roth and Sheff rallies. That’s why teachers chose Sheffield. Bing- On the day picketed RCAT and job centre. Stella Denis PCS Leeds asking about rally- 30/50 there. Bing to put pictures from day/ Mart H’s interview on Facebook page. To write to Advertiser concerning rally.

6. Trades Council.

Meeting Thursday. Is it an open meeting? Jill to e-mail for confirmation and info on speakers (Bill Adams?).

7. Constitution.

9 members present. To wait until more present.

8. Public Meeting.

14th July. 7.30pm Bridge. Phil T to sort out. Leaflet on Sat in Rotherham concerning open meeting. Need regular supplier for leaflets. Also info to be put on Facebook. Potentially 2 speakers. To look at action after public meeting- council cabinet meeting on 27th July?

9. Stall.

Look at visibility, Gazeebo, posters, leaflets and fliers. Banner been ordered by Jill. Neil A- Needs something different every month- focus etc. Up to October and strike. Then tory conf in Mcester, Sept and Lib Dem conf Brum October. To look at coaches. Rotherham show- Have rally?

10. Leaflets.

Look at 3 questions and answers. Where does the blame lie? How are cuts affecting you?- health, social, housing, education, employment etc. Vince- focus on people who show an interest. Target these people and connect with them. Keep momentum up.


E-mail them questions. Go to surgeries.

12. Facebook.

Lot of interest. Add comments each week/ day.

13. AOB.

Facebook- looking at groups related to cuts and tying in with these. Political differences- people left group because of being labelled. No party politics to be included. Write letters to Advertiser concerning the cuts.


21/06/11 Minutes

1. Attendees & Chairs Opening Remarks

Apologies: Cliffe Prenton, Bing

2. Minutes, Matters arising & action Points

Minutes were completed but no copies were available for the meeting, no matters arising.

3. Secretary’s Report/Election of Secretary

Martin Hickman was elected as secretary with no opposition

4. Treasurers Report

£100.00 initially plus there are further checks due to arrive from NUJ of a £100.00 and two Sheffield PCS DWP Branches are donating £25.00 each. There was some money spent on leaflets £4.00 leaving a current balance of £ 96.00.

5. Campaigns Report.

Stall on Saturday was small but all leaflets given out it was generally though both stalls went very well many members of the public did engage with us,, although it was noted there is still a lot of ignorance and apathy with many.

It was commented we should look at targeting areas like jobcentres local authority buildings education ect. There was general agreement with this and it was agreed this will be looked at in the near future but for the time being we must concentrate on the build up to the 30th.

Linda suggested until the banner is ready we should stick some posters on the stall to raise its profile on stall days. It was commented that this is something we need to do as several members of the public mistook us for Jehovah witness or sales people.

It was noted not everyone had seen the banner designs and it would be circulated around again.

7. Trades Council Report

Jill explained the relationship between RAC and the trades’ council after this question was raised next trades council meeting is on 13th July.

8. Stall

Covered in campaigning

9. Constitution

There were two examples given it was generally agreed we do not need to rush into this and these were taken away for the committee members to consider.

10. Public Meetings

A discussion followed about the date of the meeting 7th or 14th points raised were some felt it better to do the 7th just after the strike action to keep things going. The other point was we need a bit more time to build the meeting a vote was taken and the 14th was the date agreed.

It was noted for the meeting on the 14th we should look at local issues and get some speakers who are known locally but we would still like a larger meeting later with a well known national speaker, It was commented that in the short term we have to keep focused on the strike day. It was also noted PCS Region Sheila banks has been in contact about the 30th

It was commented we need to encourage as many as possible to the rally keep it short 2 or 3 speakers to give us enough time to get over to Sheffield for the South York’s Rally. It was also agreed to put a timetable of future events on the website.

11 Social & Media Report

It was reported the blog is getting increased views and a press realise will be considered

12 AOB

Mick Duggan elected as Vice Chair unopposed. It was agreed to amend the petition to make it more simple and to the point there followed a discussion about this ending in agreement to keep the bottom two bullet points.

Next Meeting Tues 5th July


07/06/11 Minutes

Jill Adams, Tom Donaldson, Martin Hickman, Mick Duggan, Kerry Hitchen, Linzi Haynes, Richard Vivian, Ben Vergara-Carvallo, Andy Gray, Simon Thorne, Jill Fearn, Mark Stocks, Cliff Prenton, Chris Bingham

1) Constitution and ‘Misson Statement’ – colleagues discussed downloading existing constitution templates from their relevant associations. It was agreed that this would enable us to produce a constitution that would be inclusive, professional, and in keeping with the constitutions of other groups similar to our own. Tom and Jill F. will forward their constitutions to Simon. Jill F. talked about her own experiences in these matters and stressed the importance of the constitution and statement.

An initial statement was put forward which reads: Rotherham Against the Cuts is a non-partisan group who welcomes the input and solidarity of any group, or individual, who, like us, are committed to fighting the savage program of cuts that will effect every man, woman and child in this area and beyond.

This statement is an initial draft and will be amended when colleagues add their own thoughts and ideas.

2) Initial allocation of roles. The following roles were agreed unanimously:
Chair – Jill Adams
Treasurer – Linzi Haynes
Social Media and Publicity – Chris Bingham (It was acknowledged that this is a huge area and Chris will receive assistance from colleagues.)

3) Colleagues were pleased by the successful start to RAC’s use of social media. The Facebook page and blog are up and running and attracting some useful attention. Chris reminded us that their success depends on us being able to bring new people to the sites, and that we have a responsibility to add our input to the blog where we can.

4) Regarding funding, £25 has been donated by PCS Sheffield and £75 from Rotherham NUT. Colleagues will be approaching their own organisations, where appropriate, to seek further contributions.

5) A discussion followed on the nature of the group. This discussion related in part to the group’s connections with outside organisations and groups. It was generally agreed that the group should seek to maintain a non-partisan and community based outlook, but it was acknowledged that the trade union movement will be important in terms of co-ordinating with other local and regional campaigns.

6) Stalls in Rotherham centre: It was agreed that two stalls would operate in the town centre every Saturday for the forseeable future. The stalls will open between 11am and 1pm. Leaflets, flyers and petitions would be on the stalls for the general public to read and discuss. Chris, Andy and Simon have volunteered to man the stalls, and other colleagues will join them on a regular basis.

7) Leaflets: It was agreed that our leaflets should be kept simple. Bullet-pointed and, wherever possible, relevant to the local community. In the short term, some advertising of the June 30th action was agreed to be appropriate. All colleagues were encouraged to put forward ideas for leaflets, and these can be emailed to Simon who will forward them to Tom for printing.

8) Banners were discussed. It was agreed that these are necessary to promote the group and show the public that there is a group they can stand with in solidarity. It was considered important to have a banner for June 30th to take to Sheffield on the day. Costs will be investigated, but at this time colleagues are encouraged to produce their own if they can.

9) June 30th: There was some discussion of whether all Rotherham actions on the day should be consolidated into one. A further thought was that the individual actions at schools etc could meet with the main rally and demonstration in Rotherham. These details will be confirmed at the next meeting.

10) Future meetings: The next meeting will be held on June 21st at either Talbot Lane Methodist Church or the Bridge Inn (tbc). The meeting will begin at 7.30pm as will all future meetings.

It was agreed that a public meeting should be held on July 7th (location to be decided.) On the 7th July, the previous week’s actions would still be fresh in the public’s mind and the media would hopefully still be talking about the issues raised. If it is possible, local speakers will be approached to relate their stories of why they went on strike that day. All colleagues are encouraged to think of appropriate speakers. Ben made the point that local speakers are a good idea initially in order to build support from the ground up within the local community.

At this time we hope a further public meeting can be scheduled for early September. All members are encouraged to consider possible guest speakers for this occasion, possibly with a national profile.

End of minutes.