Saturday, 31 March 2012

Letter from un happy labour party activist


This is a personal message from a staunch left member of your Party.

I supported Respect in the by-election in Bradford West - quite simply because Labour aren't listening any more. They had thirteen years to listen on Palestine and never, they had thirteen years to listen to how people were desperate for change and they introduced "whiter then white" politics which soon turned blood red with illegal wars.

You have expelled Cllrs/MP's for sticking to core Labour, socialist values, what kind of a political party kicks its supporters in the teeth and says "we don't want a stonkingly great knee's up, an open top bus. a real umpfh...we want the tired old New Labour feel which has a Conservative stench on it." Which is true except when Skinner, Campbell, McDonnell, Cruddas and Lavery to name but a few stand up and speak as they know what they are talking about.

I've been writing to, written, contributed to and authored letters, blogs, newspapers, articles, correspondence with MP's/Cllr's and suchlike for some years now and I still getting the same old "policy nonsense" as I always have.

One thing has to give - either you get your act together and start speaking to folk on the ground today or you go.

Tony Blair is responsible for Mr Galloway's expulsion and then election on a Real Labour ticket in Bradford West.

So, when you have decided what you are going to do then I'm ready, bursting with ideas, to help.

Otherwise, me and Labour members like me will leave, in droves, on strike, like Unite/GMB that you are supposedly fighting for. All Labour Party monies due from myself and my consortia will be paid to "Rotherham Against Cuts" to try and fight off the Conservative cuts that are being signed and sealed by Labour councils up and down the country.

Ed - you're with us or you're against us. Make up your son.

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