Sunday, 27 May 2012

Why wont they fight?

Many in the trade union movement and the left continue to look at utter disbelieve how easy Unisons leadership caved in over pensions and sold their own members out and stabbed the rest of us in the back.
Unison are so tied into the political apparatus representing the political elite and I include the Labour party in that, there is little chance with there current leadership of anything more than token action.

PCS Signed an agreement for joint working with both Unison and Unite with Unite there has been some good progress however with Unison we have not been able to get s single meeting together clearly nothing more than a PR Exercise.

Why collaborate with the enemy

For a number of years as most of the left have been expelled or bullied out of the labour party the vacuum has been filled by career politicians who have close links with the private sector and little in common with ordinary working class people.  Its worth noting there were almost as many privatisation involved in the last labour government as there was under Thatcher.  Even one of the most Racist anti workers rights papers the Sun came on board supporting new labour.

We then had the spectacle under the pretences of equality of all female selection lists for MP,S When in reality this was really about flooding the parliamentary party with Neo liberal drones supporting Blair like a bunch of pre pre-programmed robots.  We saw the spectical of Blair and others running around after Murdoch and Bush like a couple of puppies and and of course that disgusting road to war that followed.

What's this got to do with unison? well unison are so tied into this, they in fact dare not fart for fear of shitting upsetting there overlords in the establishment, in fact we believe this is a deliberate tactic to disrupt any fightback by Unison surrendering almost every point in any dispute on behalf of the ruling classes  and disrupting any serious fightback in short they, that is there NEC and general secretary are part of the problem not the solution.

In fact even the Tories understand this and use the fact Unison have caved in as a propaganda tool.  Ordinary members and branches of unison look to PCS and other more radical progressive unions and ask why are we still not in the fight I would urge them to join us and and not put up with the class traitors and collaborators of there leadership. After all as the scab collaborate with our children's future being ruined so does the leadership of Unison its the same principle.

Summing up

To put it simple we are engaged in a struggle for the future and democracy itself the same multinational institutions that dictate to elected government's. As a consequence also dictate to a union that ties itself so closely with one of the main political party's.

Martin Hickman

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