Monday, 14 May 2012

We're having a Great British Street party at Nick's!!!

UKUncut's Great British Street Party at Nick Clegg's place.

UKUncut pledge to bring our fight against cruel and cowardly austerity to Nick Clegg; we'll be partying at Nick's place in Sheffield, his constituency office.

Why? Because the courageous leaders of our past knew austerity doesn't work; let's take a journey back to 1948...

1948: a great year for our country. A year which gave rise to the pinnacles of achievement in post-war Britain; our National Health Service, our welfare state and the public sector lifeblood of our country. A great year, when courageous politicians and leaders led the demoralised people of Britain out of austerity, into an age of optimism and hope for the future refusing to let their people suffer for a global disaster they did not cause; World War 2.

Fast forward to 2012: a bleak year. One which has seen the biggest assault on the pinnacles of post-war achievement in our country, the privatisation of our NHS, the dismantling of our welfare state, the leaching of our public sector lifeblood. A year of pessimism, confusion and disillusionment, which lies squarely at the door of cowardly politicians. A year when Nick Clegg is taking the demoralised people of our country INTO austerity determined to make us suffer for a global disaster we did not cause; our social and economic crises .

On 26 May, UKUncut will celebrate our public services, our rights to wellbeing, good health and security, our welfare state. We will raise a toast to our new future, one that isn't dictated to us by leaders abusing their power by simply serving a minority privileged by huge wealth, who have no care for the majority they are empowered to serve and protect.

We don't break our promises Nick; we're going to bring our message home to you...

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