Wednesday, 30 November 2011

NOV30! 300+ in Roth!!!

According to estimates, the number of people at the Rotherham March and Rally in support of the pension strike was over 300! Many then joined the thousands in Sheffield! This article taken from the Rotherham Advertiser.

Photo by Jason Emerson
"MORE than 300 striking public sector workers marched through Rotherham today after the biggest mass walkout for decades.

Refuse workers, probation staff, teachers, nurses, lecturers and civil servants were among thousands across the borough who joined nearly three million workers in a one-day strike against government plans to change their pensions.

Scores of pickets were out at Rotherham General Hospital, council buildings and the town’s main college.
Speakers from the UNISON, GMB, PCS, NUT and UCU unions addressed a rally in All Saints’ Square.

Photo by Ralph Dyson.
Eric Battey of the GMB said: “The facts are clear—we’ll work longer, pay more and get less.”

Ministers say public sector pensions are unsustainable and condemned the strike as irresponsible because negotiations were ongoing and would cost the economy £500 million."

Many on the march and rally were calling on the TUC to call the next date.

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  1. Fantastic day well done all