Thursday, 10 November 2011

List Of Events in South Yorkshire.

Sheffield Trades Council has circulated a list of events.

The list circulated details the many events that are taking places in South Yorkshire, many of which - though not all - are Anti-Cut related activities.In Rotherham there are weekly meetings - called by Unison - to organise the actions in Rotherham in support of the strikes on the 30th November.

Also, there will be 2 'Days of Action' (Saturday 12th November and 19th November) in Rotherham where RAC will be support Unions in promoting the Nov 30th Strikes.

7th to 12th November,2011: "Ashes & Diamonds Exhibition."
Wortley Hall. Wortley Hall has been chosen as, like previous ventures, it has past links to
National Union of Mineworkers` Education. John Dunn, the Sponsor writes:"I attended many
Derbyshire NUM weekend and week long schools there as I am sure did many of us.Wortley
Hall is also a valuable Trade Union resource that is celebrating 60 years of ownership by the
Trade Union and Labour Movement (who says workers cannot run a business?). It will also
feature a number of Public Meetings.
7th November, 2011: 7.00 P.M.,Wortley Hall. Official opening by Arthur
Scargill, NUM Honorary President,incorporating From The Miners` Strike To The Current
Capitalist Crisis - Ken Capstick, former NUM Yorkshire Area Vice-President. The artist,
Darren Coffield, will also speak on what inspired him to create this tribute.
8th November, 2011: 8.00 P.M, Wortley Hall. "The Media - From the Miners`
Strike to MurdochGate."Speakers: Granville Williams,Campaign For Press and Broadcasting
Freedom and Author of:"Shafted-The Miners` Strike and the Aftermath"; and Peter Lazenby
-Industrial Correspondent, Yorkshire Evening Post, who was arrested during the Strike.
11th November, 2011: 7.00 P.M., Wortley Hall. "Art and The Labour
Movement." By Darrell Cozens, UCU, Coventry Trades Union Council.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Hilary Cave,
Secretary, North Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Labour History Society, 22 Boythorpe
Avenue, Chesterfield, Derbys S40 2QE, tel: 01246 270628,
10th November,2011:PUBLIC RALLY, 6,30 P.M.,PONDS FORGE,
SPEAKERS:Mark Serwotka,PCS General Secretary; Matt Wrack,FBUGeneral Secretary;
Karen Reahy, UNITE Regional Secretary; Peter Davies,GMB Sheffield Regional Secretary;
Sally Kincalds,NUT Wakefield Branch Secretary; UNISON Speaker and other Speakers
Council; Barnsley Trades Union Council; UNITE North East and the Yorkshire and
Humberside Region; NUTSheffield; NUT Barnsley; UCU University of Sheffield; UCU
Hallam University; FBU South Yorkshire; UCU Barnsley College; UNISON University of
Sheffield; PCS Sheffield; GMB S38; NUT Rotherham; UNISON Rotherham Health.. 
can the tradition be revived? DAY SCHOOL .10.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M.,Northern College, Barnsley,
14th November, 2011:10.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. TUC Regional Disabilities
Forum. Venue: TUC Office, 33,Park Place,Leeds,LS1 2RY (Phone 0113 242 9696)
A national protest at Parliament will challenge Government attacks on tenants and demand action to
build the homes we need. The Housing Emergency protest on 15 November will oppose attacks on
tenancies, rents and benefits, and demand new Council housing - see leaflet.The national protest follows
lobbies and protests across Britain, rejecting attacks on secure tenancies, up to 80% market rents, and
evictions, and demanding a mass council house building programme to provide desperately-needed secure
and genuinely-affordable rented housing.
MPs next month vote for the last time on the Localism Bill, introducing fixed term tenancies, giving
Councils powers to end homeless access to council housing and remove thousands from housing waiting
lists. Join the National Protest Contact tenants, trade unions, councillors and housing campaigners to make
a joint delegation to Parliament 4pm 15th Nov - bring banners and placards
Arrange to see your MPs and demand they oppose attacks in the Localism Bill. See Localism Bill
Briefing here Come to the meeting 5pm Committee Room 15 House of Commons, with MPs, councillors,
trade unions, tenants and others.
19th November, 2011: Labour Representation Committee Annual Conference
will take place from 10.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. in the UCU Offices,Malet Street,London. LRC
Members will discuss campaign strategy for the coming year. The conference will debate and
vote on policy, elect new officers and a national committee, and will hold hustings for LRC
nominees for the centre-left Labour Party NEC slate. If not already a member or need to
renew then join online . Only LRC members are able to speak and vote at conference.For
those who are unwaged or travelling from outside London, the price to attend is £3, Register
online. A free creche will also be available, though please email us to register. Speakers at the
conference include campaigning left MPs John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn; and Katy Clark.
Other Speakers: FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack; Haringey community and youth
worker Symeon Brown; and Dot Gibson, General Secretary of the National Pensioners`
22nd November, 2011: Wortley Hall Left Film Club Presents at Wortley Hall:
Black Flash "A Century of Black Sportsmen." The film is based on the Phil. Visili book
"Colouring over the White Lines: A History of Black Footballers in Britain." From the
eccentric Victorian Arthur Wharton who kept goal for Preston North End in 1886 to Cyrille
Regis, John Barnes and beyond. Black Flash celebrates the highs and lows of nearly 120 years
of black involvement in British professional football. .The film will be followed by a
Q.& A. Session.
ITINERARY: 6.00 PM -7.15 PM Food: 7.15 PM -7.55 PM. "Black Flash";
7.55 PM. to 8.10 PM Intermission; 8.10 PM to 8.50 PM "Black Flash".
9.00 P.M. Q.& A. Session.
COST: £6.50 Per Person (INCLUDING Pie and Pea Supper)
CONTACT: Wortley Hall,Wortley Village, Sheffield, S35 7DB. Tel.0114 2882100;
Fax 0114 283 0695;
22nd November, 2011: Sheffield Trades Union Council Delegate Meeting.
7.00 P.M., Trades & Labour Club. Speaker: Bill Adams, Secretary,TUC Yorkshire & The
Humber Regional Council. The Agenda of this Delegate Meeting will include the Final
Arrangements for the Trade Union Day Of Action on 30th November, 2011.
25th November, 2011: Derbyshire Unemployed Workers` Centres. Present:.
"THE BIG SOCIETY SOCIAL." 7.00 P.M.., The Winding Wheel,Chesterfield.
Tickets: £10 Waged/£5 Unwaged.
____________________________________________________________________________ _
30th November, 2011: Rally, 9.15 A.M.. Herries Road Entrance, Northern
General Hospital. Organised by UNISON Northern General Hospital Branch. Speakers
invited. Jazz Band to be booked.Further information will be given when when available.
30th November, 2011: TUC Regional March and Rally in Sheffield of trade
unionists on strike plus their supporters commencing around 1.00 P.M.. Further information
will be gven when available.
30th November, 2011: Day Of Action Social & Rally commencing at 5.30 P.M
organised by the Sheffield Trades Union Council in the Sheffield Trades & Labour Club,
Duke Street,Sheffield, S2. Further information will be given when available.

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