Sunday, 24 July 2011

Praise for RAC!!!

Here are a couple of letters recently sent in to the Advertiser supporting the work of RAC! We'd like to thank the authors for their kind words, and we'd like to urge the rest of you to come and join us!

"Sir, Just done my Saturday morning shopping in Rotherham and had the pleasure of chatting to the Rotherham Against the Cuts (RAC) group.

They listen politely and give out advice on what we should be doing to fight the cuts.

They sooth frayed nerves through people being sick and tired of being sick and tired at having their lives ruined by ideologies and fat cats in London.

We’re all in it together they say. How have the cuts affected them? Not by much I should imagine. I know I’ve been affected through my health, social services, housing, education and employment.

These are to name a few areas where the cuts have touched. Most of Rotherham have or will be going through the same carry on.

This is only going to get worse. So I say good luck to the lads and lasses of RAC. They have our future in their hands and are, as we speak, trying to put it on a good footing.

All they need is a little help from us and I for one am going to give it. They seem to be the only team that cares, nobody else gives a monkey’s. The cuts are coming to a place near you so be prepared."

"Sir, May I say, I completely agree with Mr Jeff Sheard's letter showing support for "rotherham against the cuts".

These diehard lefties know what is coming, Rotherham will suffer from these cuts, we have already seen meals on wheels gone, laundry service gone, attacks on the youth and vulnerable by a Labour Party which has completely lost touch, not only with the working class but with the population in general.

Labour leader Harold Macmillan once said "the Labour Party is a moral crusade or nothing at all".
It is fast becoming nothing at all. 

Four million voters have deserted Labour, the working class the working poor and the absolute poor are screaming out for a new party with morals and principles.

I would say the Socialist Workers' party are the only party left with an alternative and it's a shame the rotherham workers (private sector and public sector) don't support this party when it comes to elections.

We need thousands more Jeff Sheards who take time to stop and listen and make that change from mainstream greed, back to morals and principles and fairness - something that's been lacking in the UK for last 30 years."

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