Thursday, 28 July 2011

Meeting Report: 26/07/2011

Rotherham Against the Cuts Meeting:
Tuesday, 5th July 2011, 7:30pm. Bridge Inn.
Chair: Neil Adshead

It was decided to have a meeting to finalise and agree the Constitution - this will be Tuesday 2nd August at the Bridge Inn at 7:30pm. NB This meeting is to discuss and finalise the Constitution ONLY!

The next RAC general meeting will be tuesday 9th August at the Bridge Inn at 7:30pm.

some contacts that have been made with community groups were discussed. We await replies.

A campaign of Letter-writing to the advertised was agreed on, to be organised by MH.

A Communications committee was agreed to be set up to take responsibility for leaflets, petitions and blog-content. Volunteers to be on this committee are requested.

Discussion around another public meeting was left open-ended pending further developments in the autumn regarding strikes and Trade Union actions.

It was agreed that stalls should be a strictly RAC forum but with literature from Unions and Youth campaigns to be accepted. It was agreed that the stall needed more literature - this was one way of helping to meet that need.

Unison (health branch) have provided an amended NHS petition (including RAC reference) to use on the stall.

Discussion of Manchester Tory Conference demo, Jarrow March and General strike.

Linzi Haynes stepped down as Treasurer and Tom Donaldson took up the post.

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