Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Save our NHS

 Message from UKuncut

Saturday 7 July 12 noon

outside Virgin Phone Shop, Fargate, Sheffield

The Health and Social Care Act has accelerated the privatisation NHS services.
One of the biggest profiteers is Virgin Healthcare.

Virgin companies are well known for their off shore tax status and tax avoidance schemes.

Virgin Healthcare already run NHS services across the country.

•£500million contract for community health services in South West and North West Surrey
•Sexual Health Service for Milton Keynes
•Dermatology service in the Isle of Wight
•Shortlisted for running Children’s services in Devon

In 2010 Branson bought loss-making Assura private health company for knock down price of £4m, saying Virgin had been waiting to find ”the right entry point” into the health market.

•That acquisition of a GP provider company put Virgin in pole position to have influence in the government’s new commissioning arrangements.

•A year later Virgin was the private health company with most links on the shadow commissioning boards.

In the week of the NHS Birthday come and join us at Virgin Phone shop on Fargate to protest against the privatisation of the NHS!

We will be leafleting the staff in the shop beforehand to ensure they understand the protest is not directed at them.

Sheffield Uncut

UK Uncut is a grassroots movement taking action to highlight  The Alternative

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