Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rotherham NUT Teachers’ Association - Press Statement 10th April 2012

In 2009/10 an audit of Swinton Comprehensive School highlighted significant weaknesses with the school’s financial management.

The weaknesses had resulted in the school accumulating a deficit of £712,000 by March 2010 and this was in large part due to spending decisions which created recurring costs made during the tenure of the school’s former Headteacher who left during 2009.

The deficit increased to over £800,000 by 2010/11.
An extract from the 2009/10 Annual Governance Statement read (quote)…
“ Work is ongoing between the Children and Young People’s Service, Financial Services and the School to implement a robust recovery plan and improve budgetary control”.

In January 2012, the school announced that this “robust recovery plan” included a staff restructure which had the potential for eight teachers to lose their jobs.
In response, the NUT balloted its members at the school to ascertain support for discontinuous strike action in opposition to any compulsory redundancies.

As a result, 93% voted in favour with action commencing Tuesday 17th April 2012.
The NUT remains willing to reach a negotiated settlement to this dispute but is not prepared to sit idly by and see any of its members face compulsory redundancy as a direct result of weak financial planning and monitoring at the school.

Please send messages of support to Swinton School NUT Rep
Christine Cooksey Swinton School rep

Paul Colley-Rotherham NUT Joint Divisional Secretary

Ralph Dyson-Rotherham NUT Joint Divisional Secretary


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