Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pensions Fight starts to Heat up again

Senior elected representatives of the largest union in the civil service, PCS, today unanimously agreed to consult members over continued campaigning against the government's cuts to public sector pensions.

The union's national executive council decided to hold a consultative ballot of 250,000 public sector members on the campaign, which could include further co-ordinated strikes and industrial action with other unions in education and the civil service.

The ballot - in which members will be able to vote by post, online or by phone - will be held in late February and early March, with a possible date for another co-ordinated strike on 28 March, followed by a rolling programme of industrial action, joint union protests and political campaigning.

In addition to PCS NUT have also agreed to ballot for further action, along with Unite,UCU, also FBU are considering joining the fight.  We urge union members of the other unions to urgently lobby there various NEC,s to join the fight.

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