Saturday, 14 January 2012

Blue Labour

Once again we see New Labour Jumping to the capitalist tune they seem to think out doing the Tories on cuts gives them economic credibility due to the polls showing there poor performance.  As per usual in recent years they listen more to the right wing press and lobbyists from the tax payer alliance than there own grass roots support.  We would suggest there showing in the polls is poor due to the fact the like of Balls and the rest of New  Labour actually have no balls when it comes to taking on the ruling classes.

Instead they choose to go to cowering to right wing institutions and confirm in their eyes what those aristocratic crooks in the torie party think, that were all peasants put on this earth to serve them.  Shame on New Labour to betray the very reason this party was formed
Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, has moved to challenge accusations that Labour is not credible on the economy by telling the public sector unions that he endorses George Osborne's public sector pay freeze until the end of the parliament, and that he accepts every spending cut being imposed by the Conservatives.  
The whole point of an opposition is you take up an opposite position on government policy it confirms the real opposition is us ordinary grass roots activists and ordinary people both in our unions, anti cuts groups and our communities.

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