Friday, 27 May 2011

"Rotherham Against the Cuts" Trades Council Motion

Rotherham Against the Cuts

This Trades Council agrees to support the launch of a Rotherham Against the Cuts campaign which seeks to unite everyone who wants to fight the cuts in the broadest possible unity.

Trades council believes that the current budget deficit is not the fault of the working class of Rotherham, and that we should not be made to pay the price for the greed and reckless gambling of the bankers.

Trades council further recognise that the cuts proposed are not inevitable, rather they are instead the result of an ideological choice to roll back the welfare state.

Trades council applauds the student protests against the Tory-led Coalition Government's attacks on education and agrees to support to:

*support the anti cuts protest in Sheffield on Jan 29
*support Labour Party, TUC and Right to Work Campaign Protest at the Lib-Dem spring conference in Sheffield on March 12.
*campaign for a huge attendance at the TUC national demonstration against the cuts in London on Sat 26th March, including booking coaches.
This Trades council agrees to affiliate and send delegate)s) to a coordinating committee, on which all affiliated organisations will have one delegate (unions, campaign groups, parties etc), to organise the campaign.
Organisations over 1,000 members should have delegates per 1,000 members.

Prop. Phil Turner, South Yorks NUJ.

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