Friday, 7 September 2012

Rotherham Rally Against Austerity

Austerity isn’t working

*     Super rich evade tax on hidden £13 trillion.
*     Tory austerity scam to cost every UK family £7,000-plus.
*      NHS, pensions, education, benefits and pay under attack.
*     They make the gain. We take the pain…

7.00pm Wednesday 26th September
Old Market Gallery
Corporation Street, Rotherham.
*     Ellen Short, Disability Rights Campaigner;
*  Tafazwa Choto, Zimbabwean activist speaking on  
    South Africa miners strike;
*  Ken Wyatt, Labour Councillor;
*     Martin John, PCS full time official;
*     Mick Stowe, Convenor Rotherham Unison;
*     Lisa Tunnell, Sheffield NUT.

Meeting supported by:
 Rotherham Trades Union Council, UNISON, NUT, NASUWT, UCU, PCS and NUJ